Tony Overwater & Atzko Kohashi

24.02.2024, 20:30 Uhr

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Tony Overwater, Atzko Kohashi

Despite the differences in their nationalities, cultures and backgrounds, Japanese pianist Atzko Kohashi and Dutch bassist Tony Overwater found common ground rooted in jazz improvisation, in the cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam. With a shared passion for music and a deep curiosity for cross-cultural expression, this duo brings the resonance of East and West to the stage.

Atzko Kohashi, a pianist from Japan, enchants listeners with her profound stillness and delicate touch on the keys. Her artistry weaves intricate melodies that transcend borders, evoking a profound tenderness that resonates with the soul.

Meanwhile, Tony Overwater, a bassist from the Netherlands, brings an exhilarating dynamic energy to the duo. With his bass lines exuding both strength and finesse, he adds a touch of toughness to the music, pushing the boundaries of traditional jazz expressions.

Together, Atzko and Tony forge a unique path, embracing their individualities as they explore a transformative journey, where the seamless blending of cultures and music opens doors to new possibilities.

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